R2D2 Wireless Web Camera


r2d2-webcam.jpgR2D2 wears many hats in the movies, and I am constantly amazed at the incompetence of the Galactic Empire to outwit a mere droid. It is a wonder how such incompetence still resulted in the Galaxy being ruled by the evil Emperor Palpatine, but that’s another story for another day. Here we have the R2D2 Wireless Web Camera that increases your cool factor by ten.

This daft droid is not only a remote control wireless webcam, but will also play your web based audio, has a digital camera, can be used as an internet phone, has voice record, wirelessly transmits images, and has possibly the coolest remote control unit in existence. What looks exactly like the hilt of a Lightsaber is your ticket to control. Bristling with buttons and glowing red when on (and blue when using it as a phone), this wireless remote gives you access to all of R2D2’s functions, and even has Lightsaber sound effects. Whether you’re using this top piece of kit as an internet phone, a digital camera, a movie camera (great for trundling around the office filming what’s going on out of sight) or as a remote control security droid, the R2D2 Wireless Webcam is the most vital piece of equipment for every Jedi warrior.

I must say this is potentially the most expensive webcam I’ve ever come across, as this particular R2D2 retails for a whopping £299. No wonder George Lucas has been laughing all the way to the bank since the late 1970s.

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