ASUS P5Q lets you boot into “internet only” mode



Even though I enjoy building custom computers for friends and relatives, rarely do I ever see a motherboard that I find to be newsworthy. Sure, you’ll have ones with some awesome specs, but those don’t usually catch my eye too easily these days. However, this new P5Q board from ASUS has a little something extra that’s worth a look.

Have you ever built a computer for a parent or grandparent that was to server the sole function of browsing the internet? The people using such a computer generally aren’t going to know much about it, and don’t care to learn. They’re only using it to keep in touch with distant loved ones and get new pictures of the family. This motherboard is awesome in the respect that it has the option of loading up a version of Linux which only contains the bare essentials to get on the internet.

Sure, some of you might scoff at the mention of Linux, but the entire thing is little more than an internet browser. This is good because the less that’s running means the less that can go wrong. Unfortunately there is no word on pricing or availability.

Source: Ubergizmo

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