LIFI Solid-State High-Intensity Light Source



Luxim Corporation has just announced a brand new light source that will see action for street and area lighting. This LIFI Solid-State High-Intensity Light Source is touted to deliver 22,000 lumens with 120 lumens per Watt source efficiency and 30,000 hours life. Apparently, this source will feature a compact, directional beam with excellent color quality that lights up the night, and ought to be looked into as an option by those working in a line where area lighting is a must.

According to LUXIM Chief Executive Officer, Tony McGettigan, “The LIFI-STA-40-01 is our first offering in Street and Area lighting and we are very pleased with the strong interest shown by energy consultants, architects, lighting designers and fixture makers. Across the board we see the lighting community looking to increase efficiency, lower maintenance costs and improve the quality of light delivered. The LIFI-STA-40-01 provides all three benefits to applications like architectural, street, pedestrian area, sports courts, big-box retail and industrial high bay.”

By virtue of being compact, the LIFI Solid-State High-Intensity Light Source is able to be adopted rapidly by being retrofitted onto existing fixtures, further reducing the cost of installing totally new solutions that will require more manpower and definitely cause a bigger deficit in the already strained budget. Since the source is directional, a retrofitted unit is able to deliver higher fixture efficiency, improved light distribution and superior color quality. Luxim claims that the efficiency improvement can even be as high as 70%, although I would take that figure with a grain of salt. Since one can’t do much about old fixtures, new fixtures can be reduced where size is concerned, as designers will be able to utilize cheaper, lighter-weight materials in the process. Some of the controls enabled by the LIFI-STA-40-01 system includes rapid on, rapid restrike, dimmable, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, demand response dimming and more.

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