Energy Saver Remote from One for All

by Mark R

Energy Saver Remote from One for All

Since “Going Green” seems to be the latest thing, I suppose that it is high time that someone made a remote for it. Enter the Energy Saver Remote from One for All, which works by turning all the major AV appliances off instead of putting them in standby.

Standby mode consumes 1.5 watts per hour, which is a total of 11.49 kilowatts per year. That statistic is assuming that the television is on for three hours a day, but I think we all know that most of our TVs play longer than that during a normal day. Especially if you have a satellite receiver, which uses 6 watts per hour (45.99 Kilowatts annually).

The Energy Saver Remote has an On/Off Power Plug that allows a user to plug all their major AV appliances into. The controller also has a special “Green Button” that allows an instant shutoff for these AV devices.

A user stands to save a lot of energy with this. Apparently, typical A/V equipment uses 9.7 watts per hour, but the Energy Saver Remote can cut this down to 0.9 watts per hour. That’s up to 90 percent of total energy saved on the AV system.

The best part is that the Energy Saver Remote is a Universal Remote in every sense of the word. It can control up to 4 devices including the television, DVD, Sat/Cable/DVB-T and surround sound AMP.

All in all, this is just the remote for a “green connoisseur”, and is available for about £39.99.


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