Strapless One Touch Heart Rate Watch


heart-rate-watch.jpgAre you a gym rat who needs to know your exact heart rate while performing your runs on the treadmill? Granted, some of the more advanced treadmills will be able to give you a reading of your current heart rate, but those aren’t exactly the most accurate in the world. The Strapless One Touch Heart Rate Watch, IMHO, would do a much better job.

Unlike typical heart rate monitors that require uncomfortable chest straps, this heart rate device is as unobtrusive as a standard wrist watch and provides an EKG accurate reading to 1 beat-per-minute after only three beats. A signal beeps twice when your heart rate exceeds or falls below your optimal beats-per-minute target zone, informing you when to increase or decrease workout rate. Chronograph and countdown timer features allow you to set time benchmarks, and the calorie counter calculates caloric energy output based on your heart rate. Includes calendar, hourly chime, alarm, and current time features, displayed on any easy-to-read backlit LCD.

Each $69.95 purchase comes with a battery, and you will be able to choose from Mens or Womens designs.

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