MSI Titan 700 small in size but performs decently



Slim is in, and so is small. If not, how else can one explain the phenomenal sales of the Asus Eee PC despite lacking the necessary firepower to run all sorts of common desktop applications? Granted, the Windows XP-powered Eee PC 900 will be beefier and can handle more common tasks with ease, but I digress. MSI has not forgotten about the ultra small desktop market, introducing a spanking new energy saving compacy mini-ITX full system known as the Titan 700. It almost works flawlessly out of the factory, but you do need to purchase an operating system before it is able to run. Also, I would advise you having some sort of monitor ready beforehand (CRT or LCD, it is your call but seriously speaking, who still uses the former unless there is really no choice?) if you want to get up and running the moment the MSI Titan 700 arrives at your doorstep.

The Titan 700 sports some pretty interesting components within, with a VIA CN700 processor running the proceedings on a 8237R+ chipset. In addition, you will also be furnished with a slim DVD burner and a 2.5″ SATA hard disk drive that remains cool and quiet in comparison with a regular drive. It measures a mere 3.1 liter in size, which is really, really tiny, allowing you to place it just about anywhere on your desk (or under it, for that matte) or in your office/home as you like. After all, being black in color makes it easier to blend in with its surroundings.

MSI will be selling its Titan 700 for £235 a pop, which is an extremely decent price if you aren’t into hardcore gaming or heavy processing. After all, if your computer usage is restricted to merely emails, watching YouTube videos, and catching up on news on your favorite websites, then you can’t really go wrong with the MSI Titan 700.

Source: BIOS

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