EVGA USB Video cards are the cheap and easy way to add an extra monitor


UV Plus+

A few years ago I acquired my first video card which had more than one output. I recall shortly after coming upon a spare monitor which I quickly made space for on my desk. Since then I’ve never considered going back to a single monitor configuration. While almost every video card you’ll find on the shelf has at least two outputs, many midrange desktops don’t have that option. Rather than forcing you to crack open your case, these new external USB cards from EVGA are a simple way to add an extra display to your desktop.

These UV Plus+ adapters are based on DisplayLink technology, which has been developed to make adding additional monitors as easy as plugging in a USB cord. There will be two different models, the UV12 and the UV16. The UV12 will support resolutions up to 1280×1024 while the UV16 goes up to 1600×1200. No official pricing has been confirmed, though they should both retail for well under $100.

Source: EverythingUSB

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