Rocket powered helicopter belt gives users fresh ways to kill themselves

by James

Helicopter pack

The Engineers at Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana seem to have a death wish. And it’s usually associated with rocket powered flight. Fresh off their James Bond-esque rocket jet pack design, TAM has announced the design of a rocket powered helicopter backpack which will enable rotor driven Rocketeers to jump into the sky and head anywhere in total freedom. Or kill themselves in a spectacular event only director John Landis could appreciate.

Dubiously named the Libelula, the helicopter backpack has tiny rocket motors in its rotor blades which not only eliminates the torque associated with helicopters with conventional tail rotor assemblies that stabilize flight, but also enables the system to be compact to wear on a pilot/soldier’s back for instant takeoff from anywhere. The rockets are tiny, about 1-1/2″ in diameter by 10″ long but they pack a alot of punch providingthe rotor with more than 2200 lbs of lift.

It’s only in the conceptual design phase at the moment (thank heavens), but should it reach the testing phase, it’s easy to see how this, like it’s rocket pack cousin, could have special forces applications. Attention Brocolli family, isn’t it time Bond flew in something like this again?

Hat Tip: D’VIce & Tecaeromex

Turning is accomplished by shifting the pilot’s center of gravity and turning a small weather van like rudder in the opposite direction.

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