Nikko’s R2 gets an upgrade to R3

by James


Last year, we broke the news that Nikko Electronics had created the ultimate home theater bot in the R2D2 Projector DVD player, a plucky well put together droid that not only provides comedy relief, but can help you relive that “help me Obi Wan Kinobi” fantasy. Well, now Nikko announces that R2 has gotten an upgrade …

Controlled by a Millenium Falcon remote (which is quite a handful to operate in an of itself), the new R3-D2 sports the ability to project a screen up to 260 inches wide, features 1800 lumens brightness and an amazing 1800:1 contrast ratio. Users can plug in anything from an iPod to a flash memory card, USB drive, and even a game console for those late night Star Wars Force Unleashed forays online in full HD.

R3 is also completely motorized, so users can watch their favorite Scifi movie from just about anywhere inside or outside of the house. It can even tilt the image up to the ceiling for those late night movie dates in bed. R3 even comes with built-in virtual surround sound but can also broadcast on an FM channel so users can take advantage of the HiFi stereo system they recently bought with their stimilus package refund. The cost is @2,900.00/€2,799.00 but you better hurry as it’s currently only available in Europe and in limited quantities (about 4000).

Death Star plans not included. But you can still check out this awesome video of R3 in action.

Hat Tip: The Ferret

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