Price revision for Xbox 360 and PS3 in Asia


pricecuts.jpgI don’t know about you, but somehow many people still equate Asians, especially the Chinese, to be too thrifty for their own good. I suppose it is payback time for Microsoft as they are working on price cuts for its Xbox 360 console in Asia, trimming the recommended retail price by a measly 5% to nearly 20% in a quartet of areas throughout the region. South Korea benefits the least with a 5% cut, while Taiwan’s 20GB model will receive a 17% discount. Singapore benefits the most from this price revision exercise with a 19.5% drop. As for Sony, they took the opposite route in Singapore by raising its 40GB PS3 price to $394. Guess accountants from those two companies are busy trying to predict the impact of these price moves, while Nintendo execs sit back and continue smiling smugly knowing that their Wii and DS will still sell well at the current pricing that has remained unchanged for a fair bit now.

Source: Crave

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