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IOGEAR has just rolled out some more desktop peripherals that aim to enhance productivity at the office, expanding its KVM product line in order to enable consumers to share multiple computers and USB 2.0 peripherals while viewing graphics in optimal quality. Both the IOGEAR 2- and 4-Port KVMP Switches with USB 2.0 hub and 2.1 Stereo target small and home office users, helping them share USB 2.0 peripherals like printers and scanners over multiple computers. Definitely a novel way to reduce operational costs in your organization, and while this isn’t exactly a new method, it is good to see IOGEAR not abandon this market. One of the main advantages of controlling several machines with a single keyboard and mouse is the ability to further reduce energy consumption. An improvement over older generation KVM switches is the ability to enable audio enthusiasts to groove to their favorite tunes, programs and audio clips through PC speakers since 2.1 stereo sound is supported.

The 2- and 4-Port KVMP Switches are known by their respective model numbers GCS1802 and GCS1804, will retail for $199.95 and $299.95. As for gamers and graphic designers, the IOGEAR 4-Port Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switch (GCS1204, retailing for $449.95) is able to supports up to a whopping 3,840 X 2,400 resolution, allowing easy viewing of extremely high resolution graphics that would normally appear distorted or even blurry on other devices with lesser resolutions. I find that rather strange though, as serious gamers are often not an impoverished lot, so it wouldn’t really make sense to share a display with other folks in the house, what more gaming at the office.

Do try to purchase these from IOGEAR’s website since the company has agreed to plant a tree for every product sold on its site or by members of its GREEN initiative partner program. The main goal? To plant one million trees (while making a handsome profit – a win-win situation for all).

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