Rain Maker: Muscial Instrument

by Tiago

Rain Maker Muscial InstrumentI don’t know why, but there are plenty of people that like to hear the sound of the rain falling. Maybe it is a good therapy to relax/calm down?

Anyway, the only problem is when it stops raining, the joyful listening experience disappears. For those special occasions, there is a musical instrument named Rain Maker, that as the name suggests, is capable of re-creating the rain sound.

In this case, the sound comes from a transparent tower that measures 12-inches. Believe it or not, it has hundreds of metal balls located inside, which are “guilty” for the raining sound, also known as tropical rainfall. To achieve the perfect sound possible, the tower has 12 levels with holes.

The working mode couldn’t be much easier: just press a button and the fun begins. Now that I think about it, just imagine the number of scenarios in which this Rain Maker could be useful: putting babies asleep, good Christmas gift for kids, etc.

And now for the good part – it only costs £9 (approximately $18).

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Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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Mike Says: April 29, 2008 at 5:33 am

I wish people would actually read the product description before posting. It’s NOT as simple as you just “press a button and the fun begins.” That implies that it’s battery operated and could be run all night. It’s not. It’s basically like an hourglass where you flip it over and the “sand” all runs down to the other end (making the nice sound.) When it’s done (and it doesn’t say how long that takes but probably in the order of a min or 2) you have to flip it again and let them run back down again. Now if it had a motor and conveyor to bring the balls back to the top and keep them cycling, then it’d definitely be good for sleeping, etc.

Desert Plah Says: April 30, 2008 at 7:37 am

You call this a gadget? These things have been around for ages…

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