Is that a Keyboard on your pants, or…

by Mark R

Keyboard Pants

Yes, I did start this article with a completely tasteless joke. But look at that photo to your left, and you will see that it is completely impossible not to.

These “Beauty and the Geek” keyboard trousers are a concept interface from designer Erik De Nijs. As you can see, it is made for those who like to compute by putting their laptop so far down on their lap that it is practically at their feet. Maybe it’s also designed to remove that uncomfortable feeling you get when your laptop has been on your lap for too long.

I’m not certain if this syncs to your laptop wirelessly, or if there is some USB wire that you can’t see here. I do know that these pants have speakers built into the knees, and a pocket in the back for storing the mouse. I have even heard that there is a joystick controller behind the zipper, but now we’re back to making tasteless jokes again.

Perhaps these pants are meant to be a joke. That, or we live in an age when technical practicality excuses any fashion faux pas. If that is the case, then someone needs to design a shoe-mounted display.


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