Earth Day Gadgets: Skullcandy Hydration Backpack

by Carolyn

skullcandy.jpgIn my second gadget for Earth Day 2008, this gadget is one that will help your pocketbook. In this time of soaring gas prices and the desire for people to find alternative ways of getting around (biking, walking, etc.) the one need with all these alternative forms of transportation is hydration. With the latest news coming from the Nalgene/BPA controversy, people are confused as to what types of water bottles / hydration packs they should use to not only be eco-conscious, but also be safe.

Skullcandy has a hydration pack that has more than just hydration in mind. The Hydration Backpack has the capability to keep you hydrated and refreshed – but it also syncs with your MP3 player or cell phone. From the website:

This Hydration Backpack in gray/orange is the perfect companion on all of trips, from the grocery store to an outdoor camping trip.

Plug in your iPod or cell phone into this ultra cool backpack and you’ll be able to play your favorite music through speakers embedded in the upper straps. When you get a call, simply reduce the music volume with the mid-strap control buttons, which allow you to listen and talk hands free.

The Hydration Pack has a water-tight bag that holds 72 oz. of water [accessed via a bite valve] to keep your thirst at bay! The backpack even has built-in CD/DVD holders as well as a soft-lined protective sunglasses pouch.

It doesn’t say whether or not it’s waterproof – especially with the speakers – so don’t take it out on a 2-day hike unless you don’t care if you blow the speakers. But then if you didn’t want the speakers, you’d just buy a $40 Camelbak hydration pack. Since you do want one, you can pick one up for $129.99. That’s like two tanks of gas right now! A bargain!

[Eco Geek Living]

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eland Says: November 19, 2008 at 8:00 am

Yeah the speakers are waterproof!! 😀

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