Chill Stick Six-Pack Cooler

by Mark R

Chill Stick

Every once in a while, someone invents something that he or she can only hope will catch on. This is the case of the Chill Stick, a cooler that thinks it’s a pool-cue holder.

The Chill Stick allows the user to store an entire six-pack of beer in its roll-shaped package. I’m sure the Chill Stick can store 12 ounce cans of other liquids, but I’m guessing beer will be the transported beverage of choice amongst Chill Stick owners. I mean, this product just screams: “if you could put all the beer that I’m going to drink tonight into one glass, it would be this tall”.

I’m also guessing that the primary use of the Chill Stick will be a method to smuggle booze into certain places, even though it is against the rules. Security officials will probably get wise to this form of beer transport.

Somehow this product can keep your canned goods cool, but I’m not certain how. After all, it doesn’t look like there’s Blue Ice in the neoprene skin. All I know is that you stack up the cans on top of each other in the Chill Stick, and zip them up to make it cool.

If this Chill Stick is something that floats your boat, you can get it at the appropriately named Things You Never Knew site for about $11.98.


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Eric Says: April 18, 2008 at 3:44 pm

These have been around for at least a decade now.

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