Parrot Blueooth devices use NFC


nfc.jpgParrot at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas presented the first of its wireless Bluetooth products which feature Near Field Communications (NFC) technology,making pairing of Bluetooth devices a snap. Some of these products include a digital photo frame and a trio of stereo speaker systems as well. First of all, what is NFC technology? Well, read on after the jump for further details.

NFC is an extremely short-range (4.0 in. or 10 cm) wireless communication technology that dramatically simplifies the pairing of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices. Essentially, it enables devices to automatically recognize and pair with each other when they are in close proximity. This eliminates the typical multi-step manual pairing process between Bluetooth devices that can take consumers one to two minutes or longer to conclude, especially on their first attempt.

According to David Wenning, senior vice president, marketing and sales of Parrot Inc., “The value of NFC is that it’s fast and easy to use, while greatly simplifying the pairing process. It makes the full range of Bluetooth devices — from digital photo frames to stereo speakers to car kits – much easier to use and enjoy. Parrot welcomes any industry initiative such as NFC that helps improve the customer experience with technology.”

NFC operates at 13.56 MHz while achieving a data transfer rate of up to 424 Kbits/second, offering itself as an intuitive, simple, and safe communication between electronic devices. Since NFC is both a “read” and “write” technology, you will be able to get two-way communication without much hassle whatsoever. I suppose NFC connectivity is perfect for older folks who might find initial pairing up of Bluetooth gizmos to be a real hassle. Still, it is great to see technology moving forward while making it a whole lot easier to use for everyone, regardless of their (techno) background.

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