GestureTek offers iPhone-like functionality


gesturetek.jpgGestureTek Mobile will take advantage of the CTIA Wireless even in Las Vegas by showing off its patented EyeMobile Engine to the masses. The EyeMobile Engine is a software-based natural user interface which aims to enhance the user experience for those who rely on cell phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs). This means virtually any command that are executed using conventional button presses will soon be able to be executed by tilting, shaking, rocking or rolling the mobile device. Bear in mind that this device does not use an accelerometer since EyeMobile is smart enough to function with existing hardware on any camera-enabled handset.

Francis MacDougall, GestureTek’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer says, “With over 100 motion-sensing game titles available on the DoCoMo network in Japan, and over 50 million BREW handsets enabled by the EyeMobile extension, GestureTek leads the world in the deployment of gesture-based mobile user interaction. With the addition of applications such as Internet browsers, picture viewers, map applications and rapid text entry applications, GestureTek is leading the way to a fully gestural user interface for all camera-enabled handsets, fully competitive with the higher-cost implementation provided by the iPhone’s touch system.”

The GestureTek Mobile gesture-enabled Image Viewer can be installed on virtually any Windows Mobile device. When you make it the default viewer for photo browsing, manipulating the photo (such as zooming in and out, panning, etc) is intuitively done by moving one’s wrist without worrying about pushing the right buttons. I suppose this is a semblance of what the iPhone’s multi-touch interface offers, and somebody should do a research on which is easier to use as well as which activity results in more calories burned – hey, that could be a pretty good marketing gimmick in these health-conscious days anyway.

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