Tear through plastic shells with Open It


Open It

I love getting new gadgets. Whenever I do, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I want to tear into the packaging and catch a whiff of that new gadget smell. However, with some such devices, their packaging is nearly impossible to get into. You know the kind, the ones with the super-thick plastic that even the sharpest of knives have difficulty with. That’s why I wouldn’t mind a pair of these.

They’ve called this handy tool Open It, and for good reason. You have three different tools that ensure you’ll be able to open any package. First there are the cutter blades which can cut through even the toughest plastic clamshells. Then the box cutter blade, for obvious purposes. Finally there is even a small screwdriver for those times that your gadget has a screw-protected battery cover. For $15 I’d be glad to have one of these the next time I’m tearing into a new gadget.

Source: RedFerret

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