Palette-Digital Artist Handheld PC

by Mark R

Palette-Digital Artist Handheld PC

Here is something that artists of the future will definitely be sporting. Okay, perhaps “sporting” isn’t a very artsy term, but it definitely looks like something artists would have, because it looks like a palette.

So far, this is Palette-Digital artist is only a concept, but a good looking entry to the Mircosoft NextGen PC Design Competition. All connections to the port are wireless, and there is even a DVD drive designed with it.

The only difference between this and a real palette is no one paints on the palette. Too bad the design does not come with a digital canvas, but it does have some interesting looking “paintbrushes”.

For example, I’m guessing that what we’re seeing here is some really cool Paint program. All you need to do is dip in the stylus/paintbrush into the paint, and it will be on your picture without any splotches or sloppy mixing. Give this to your kid if he or she wants to be a painter.

To be honest, I think the palette was the first ever palm pilot. You know, the stylus is the brush, and the screen the canvas. So it is no surprise someone would model a portable PC after it. I hope it becomes a reality, as it would be very cool to have one of these.


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Picasso Says: March 28, 2008 at 6:10 pm

I definately want one as soon as they are available because being an Artist myself, I no longer use real paints because of health hazards that the chemicals in the paint may cause to skin and etc. I do most of my art now using illsutrations programs and Photoshop among a few. This wireless palette is definately to be a best seller among many artists and non-artists alike to have in schools and in home to keep your kids from making a mess on the walls or wasting paper and thus being green to the planet- YAY!!!! At last a gadget I look forward to buying.

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