Latest Tech News – 26 March

by Tiago


New Radio System Approved by the Pentagon

In the near future there will be a new radio system on the works, either developed by Boeing, or Lockheed Martin. The decision was announced today by the Pentagon, and the upcoming system will be used on aircrafs, ships, and ground stations.

One of the most important details of this deal, is the money. Can you imagine a high number that covers all the expenses, from start to finish, of the radio system?

$10 billion in a later stage of production mode, and close to $1 billion just for the system design and development.

It will provide secure Internet-like capabilities and networking for voice, text, audio and video.

Netflix (re)sarts shipping DVDs

In case you’re a Netflix user and got worried about not being able to order/receive DVDs on Monday, don’t worry because the system is up and running again. Netflix went down on Monday for 11 hours, but the problem was fixed and everything is suppose to be back to normal.

All the customers that got affected by the “no DVD drama” will eventually get a reward of some kind, most probably free credits.

Pentagon and Sun get together

To finish today’s tech news there is another Pentagon deal made with Sun Microsystems. Once again, the expenses are high, in this case a $44 million contract.

What is the project? Working with computer chips, and replacing wires for laser beams.

Source – Reuters

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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