e-Snake Scooter that Tilts

by Matthew

e-Snake-tilting-scooterThe e-Snake is a scooter that is powered by lithium ion batteries. The scooter features a tilting mechanism which allows it to corner quicker while keeping the back wheels on the floor. It participated in Formula Electric and Hybrid in Italy last year and was awarded top marks for acceleration and speed. With it being electric, the scooter weighs quite a bit at 357 pounds. With that hefty weight it can still have a range of 62 miles which is ample for most people travelling to and from the office each day.

If it could be just made lighter, which might not be possible with the lithium ion batteries, I am sure it could get a far greater range. However, it’s not the best looking scooter I have seen. If you like to be green, then it could be ideal for you. Top speed of the tilting scooter is 31 MPH.

Source – Ubergizmo

Guest Post by Matthew of Gadget Venue.

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