Super-Slim USB Mouse is too slim for my taste


Super-Slim Mouse

Have you ever thought that your mouse was just too large to use comfortably? Perhaps if you sliced it down the middle it would be the perfect size. Honestly, I can’t say that I’ve ever had such a thought cross my mind. Rather there have been some mice which I thought were almost too slim for my tastes. If you’re very much unlike myself, you might enjoy this Super-Slim USB mouse.

This mouse measures only 0.94 inches wide, which is really thin. I dug out one of my old plain-Jane Logitech mice and measured it for reference, and it came up at just over two inches, making this mouse less than half the width of an ordinary mouse. Mind you that you don’t get your buttons cut in half, as the single button functions as two. The front is a left click, while the rear is a right. Some might say this is a good mouse for taking on the road, however, there are much better ones on the market for just that. On the bright side, you won’t break the bank with this $11 mouse.

Source: GeekAlerts

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