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hotspotter.jpgJust in case you’re around town the next time and want to check up on your email, there is no need to whip out your notebook as this pocket-friendly Digital Hotspotter will be able to sniff and track down whatever WiFi hotspots there are available.

Introducing the 2nd generation Wi-Fi Hotspot Detector from Canary Wireless. The ultimate Wi-Fi accessory, the Hotspotter provides network ID, signal strength and accessibility information for multiple networks at a glance. Just push the scan button and the device collects and displays information on up to 20 Wi-Fi networks.

Retailing for $59.95 each, it makes for a suitable travel companion. Good thing it is powered by AAA batteries, since those are readily available just about anywhere.

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Mike Says: March 24, 2008 at 5:42 pm

*yawn* Trendnet has had, for a couple years now, a hotspot finder with the same features (multiple networks, SSID, signal strength, LCD display, etc.) but that ALSO can plug into a usb port and be used as a wireless adapter for the computer (and even re-charges the battery when plugged in) for quite some time and has sold for around $30.00 (after rebate.) The newer model even has 512M of flash memory AND has the drivers on a CD-ROM emulator memory chip so that you don’t need to carry around the CD to install it on a new computer. See newegg for details.

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