Concept Ladybag Smiles When it’s Full

by Mark R

Concept Ladybag

If you’re like me, then you don’t leave the house without doing a quick inventory of the essential items you need on the road. I usually do a quick feel in my pockets for my keys, mobile phone, checkbook, and wallet.

Of course, if you are a lady, you have a purse, but I’ve seen how those purses can fill up, and you can’t tell what is in there and what’s not. Especially a woman uses her mobile telephone, and then it’s taken out from the purse and inconveniently forgotten when she leaves later on.

Fortunately, a team of Canadian students has come to our rescue with the Ladybag concept purse. Apparently, these Simon Fraser University students had a terrific idea of using RFID technology to detect if a woman has left her mobile, wallet, or keys outside of her handbag.

From there, the LED lights stored within flash a smiley-face if completely full, or a frowny face if none of the inventory is in there. It also appears this has a more simplified concept to actually show the item that is missing. However, you have to admit the face is a more personal touch.

It certainly is a worthwhile concept, but I have no idea how the handbag recognizes that you’re missing certain items. We will see.


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