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seascooter.jpgEver wished you could go around much faster while underwater during your dives so that you can take as many pictures as possible? The Reef Rider Sea Scooter does just that for you when underwater.

The REEF-RIDER SEASCOOTER packs thrust for a speed of up to 2.2mph/3.5kmh in a very compact, lightweight design. With safety features including protective grille and auto shut off, the Reef Rider is great for kids (recommended 8 years and older) and adults alike. The Reef-Rider is essentially a stripped-down version of the Sea-Doo range of sea scooters, combining performance and safety with ease of use and lightness. Now you can lark in the pool or get down with the fish easily. The Reef Rider will operate to a depth of 3 metres, and a full charge will give you a run-time of up to 50 minutes – plenty of time to bond with the undersea world and discover the wonders of the not too deep.

The Reef Rider Sea Scooter can be yours today for £99.99. Why not get it as an early summer gift for someone?

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Mal Says: March 23, 2008 at 8:28 pm

“”The Reef Rider will operate to a depth of 3 metres””

Sounds like it’s really only for the pool then. Still would be fun to have zooming around the pool. Maybe attach it to an innertube….

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