Pufferfish Puffersphere

by Mark R

Pufferfish Puffersphere

When I was in Seattle last summer, I had the opportunity visit the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. As I entered in, I saw a very large sphere that had many images from old sci-fi shows being projected on it.

I only bring this up because I thought that sphere was unique to the Science Fiction Museum, but this spherical screen is available for anyone. All they have to do is order the Pufferfish PufferSphere, which can be set up with some inflating.

Which leads me to wonder how they get the projections up there. It appears that after a client inflates the PufferSphere on the easy tote base, there is an internal projection unit that takes care of that. Now all that is needed is a little imagination for what to put there.

The Pufferfish PufferSphere can be set up for all sorts of events, and is certainly one of the most unique displays that I have ever seen. I imagine that it will get so popular that it won’t be unique anymore. Remember those cool Stereograms back in the early nineties?

However, if this is something that you want to do for a party, feel free to check out the Pufferfish PufferSphere website.


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