Lightshow Stick – communicate with LED messages


Lightshow Stick

Sometimes I have to wonder about the people that make certain gadgets. Mostly the ones that have no practical use whatsoever. Take this USB Lightshow Stick for example. Where in the world would you be that no form of communication would suffice other than a stick full of LEDs that you wave around?

If you absolutely must communicate via a waving stick, you’ll need to plan out your messages well ahead of time. The short messages must be uploaded using the USB cable in the form of JPG/BMP images.

I suppose that one could equate this to a giant foam finger for concerts or something. Perhaps load it up with something like “You Rock” and wave it at the band. I’m sure that if you were actually close enough for them to see it, they really wouldn’t get annoyed after 20 minutes or so of it. This pointless gadget will run you $22.

Source: RedFerret

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