Giant Golf Set


giant-golf.jpgThe Giant Golf Set you see here helps you hit the darn ball since it has been blown up. After all, who in their right mind would continue swinging at a ball all day long while missing the target?

The trouble with golf is that everything is so darn small. The club heads are tiny, the ball is minute, the holes are just ludicrous (as are the shoes of course), and you begin to wonder what on earth the point is. However, if it wasn’t for someone inventing pinhead golf, then some other idiot wouldn’t have come up with this super-size, super-stupid Giant Golf. Club, tee and ball are all ludicrously big, enabling even the tragically inept to take a successful swing and watch with smug satisfaction as their ball sails across the garden, beach or fairway. Though we don’t suggest trying this on a real fairway as golf clubs are renowned more for their feelings of self-importance than their sense of humor. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s a brilliantly fun lawn game.

The Giant Golf Set will retail for £19.99 a pop. You’ll need a sense of humor before purchasing this.

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jf Says: March 17, 2008 at 10:13 pm

We bought this set last summer, and it took about three full swings before the club head fell off. Which is too bad because we were having fun.

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