DNA PC Makes Computer Assembly Easy, Maybe Too Easy

by Mark R


I think that we all know it is cheaper and more practical to assemble and build our own computer, rather than getting a more expensive pre-packaged computer that may or may not have what we need. In fact, I don’t believe companies like Dell want you to know that this is most certainly the better route of PC purchase. However, most consumers don’t know a dang thing about building their own PC, and it might get costly as he or she pays to get someone else to do it.

Concepts like the DNA PC could come in handy for the average consumer. The DNA PC has a base where you can add hardware and peripherals easily. The base is like that green Lego baseplate that comes with Creator sets, and you can stick on keyboard, storage, RAM, and other components as easily as playing with building bricks.

I suppose this is an attempt to make computer construction easy, and one hopes that it will work. Unfortunately, from what I’ve read about this concept device on other gadget blogs, they are not very positive.

Apparently, it has something to do with trying to simplify something that really shouldn’t be simplified. Most people who are intelligent enough to assemble their own computers don’t need this Lego-brick simplicity. I think they are missing the point, which is that computer assembly needs to be dumbed-down for the average user.


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Everyone Says: March 22, 2008 at 9:54 am

> I think that we all know it is cheaper
> and more practical to assemble and build our own computer

Cheaper? You will pay $600 in individual parts… in order to build a computer than you can buy for $400.

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