Acer launches Blue Gemstone



Acer has just unveiled its brand new entertainment notebook known as the Gemstone Blue, and it can also be referred by its model number of 8920G. What can you expect from this brand new multimedia notebook? For starters, it will feature full high definition display support (that means 1,920 x 1,080 at the very least people), and an optional Blu-ray drive for you to enjoy the latest Hollywood movies in unprecedented clarity among others. The emergence of Acer’s Gemstone Blue underlines the commitment of the company to seriously challenge Dell and HP’s stranglehold on the high end mobile computer market.

Acer has dubbed its Aspire Gemstone 8920G the first of its “Blue” series, where the color naming convention hails from the notebook’s blue, black, and silver color scheme with interior and exterior lighting effects. What users will get from this 18.4″ notebook is a high definition LCD display with Intel’s Centrino-brand processors providing all the necessary computing horsepower within, complemented by Intel’s OM965 Express Chipset. Other features include integrated WiFi support, enough room to throw in up to a couple of 320GB hard drives, a standard DVD drive (as mentioned earlier, you can choose to replace this with an optional Blu-ray drive but that will definitely bump up the final price by a fair bit), and a choice between an Nvidia GeForce 9650M GS or 9500M GS graphics card.

According to Spooner , “Acer faces a particularly difficult task in doing so in the United States, where the Acer brand name has largely stood for low-cost brand. The company also faces stiff competition from HP and Dell, which have also been working to improve the cache of their respective PC product lines.” Acer hopes to break through this mental barrier with the Aspire Gemstone Blue which will ship from this month onwards, with prices starting from $900 and stopping at $1,700, depending on what you want to have inside.

Source: Information Week

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