Latest Tech News – 11 March

by Tiago


Movie Clips on the internet thanks to Paramount

Most major studios don’t put their movies on the internet for free, but Paramount is following that route because the (old and new) clips will become available on Facebook via the VooZoo application. And obviously, Facebook is always a nice target for movies, or sports, or… you name it.

As you can imagine, there won’t be full length movies available. It can either be a matter of seconds, or a couple of minutes, depending on the scene. The main intention is always to share the short clips on the world wide web, and more specifically the social network site.

Examples of what kind of movies will hit Facebook? Beverly Hills Cop, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and a few thousand more.

Disney series on the internet

Since we’re on the topic of popular companies presenting new ways of delivering multimedia content on your computer, the next one in line is Disney and their vintage TV series.

If you feel the need to re-watch the old-school TV series, just keep an eye on the Disney website. And in case you are interested on watching MacGyver, turn your attentions to CBS.

Sources: NYTimes

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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