USB Drum Kit creates a ruckus


usb-drum-kit.jpgIf you just wish you could translate your finger drumming skills into something more tangible, here’s the USB Drum Kit to help you out.

Your USB Drum Kit includes six different pad areas (snare, kick & two toms). Simply install the included software, plug your kit in, and let your rhythmical hammered fists of fury fly. The software will allow you to control and select the various sounds programmed to each pad. You can choose between 50 percussion sounds, 20 preprogrammed percussion sets and 100 preprogrammed beats. If you are a n00b, you can select the ‘learning mode’ and play along to some pre recorded beats. Otherwise, just enjoy the free play mode. When you think you are good enough (the cute sales droid down the aisle starts paying you some mind), you can even record your riffs and save to .wav file.

Get this annoying desktop toy for just $29.99 from ThinkGeek.

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