The Hold Up opens bottles


holdup-opener.jpgForget about projecting that macho image by learning how to open bottles with your teeth, not when The Hold Up is ready and willing to do that on your behalf.

Nicknamed ‘The Hold Up’ for his raised arms; the tactile and ambidextrous little chap from über-cool design studio Conka Design can open all bottle lids, even two at a time, with metal mitts that allow you to dispense refreshing drinks to your envious friends in double quick time. Crafted from high gloss ABS plastic, The Hold Up is way ahead when it comes to sleek drinking accessories. And Like every girl’s ideal man the Redman is not only handsome but strong, his metal reinforced hands and arms ensure this chic little fella is nigh-on indestructible. Then, when you have given him a thorough workout, you can stand your new drinking buddy on his own two feet next to all of your favorite designer gadgets, because lets face it, he’s far too cool for the kitchen drawer.

If you don’t have a drinking buddy, The Hold Up won’t mind listening to your tales of woe for £14.99.

Product Page via Nerd Approved

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