Sega Toys i-Spin

by Mark R

Sega Toys i-Spin

It has been a while since I had the urge to yell “Sega” like those old Sega Genesis ads from the early nineties. However, seeing this i-Spin (pronounced Ice-pin) from Sega Toys was just enough to make me yell it out all over again.

Basically, the i-Spin is a dancing speaker robot that has the ability to move around on the dance floor and wiggle its ears to the beat of the ambient music. This takes me back to the time of the “Boppin’ flowers” that would move to the beat of whatever music you played near them.

The i-Spin can also do more than dance to the background music, but it can connect to an MP3 player such as the iPod. Why else do you think there is a little “i” at the beginning of its name? Basically, you attach the music, and the little Dogbert wannabe gets its groove on.

The Source site for this i-Spin is in another language, but some facts are clear. The i-Spin should be available around the end of March, at a price of about $51 USD. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that release is only in Asian markets. If so, something tells me there will be a lot of expensive shipments to Western markets come April.


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