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Great – first we have air guitars, and now the company of air drums are here to break whatever remnants of silence and peace all around. The VBeat Air Drums from Silverlit is pretty much self-explanatory.

When human beatboxing just won’t cut it anymore, the V Beat Drum still lets frustrated drummers lay down some rhythms. With different sound styles and pre-programmed rhythms as well as an instructive guided learning feature, these slick sticks are an awesome way to make some noise! Motion sensors in the sticks detect the beats without any need for you to actually hit anything with them. So, they’re just the thing for anyone who wants to practice their drumming without the need to for an expensive and cumbersome set of drums.

The VBeat Air Drums retail for £29.99 a set.

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Jeff Rhoades Says: December 25, 2010 at 3:41 pm

Amazing air drums. Just got them for x-mas. Great sound. It has many features and modes which may be used. 4 drum kits included. Sensor is not to sensative,but sensative enough. Built great, and include hi-top hat with bass. Strongly reccocmend these

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