Backpacker’s Diary Concept PC

by Mark R

Backpackers Diary Concept PC

For those of you who have that dream of backpacking through Europe, you might want to take something to blog your experience. The Backpacker’s Diary is a PC concept that is made to be more durable and flexible, specifically designed for outdoor usage.

For example, the user does not have to worry about finding a cord to power this particular device as the Backpacker’s Diary comes with a flexible solar panel. Personally, I didn’t think we were at the point where we could charge our PCs with solar power, because I myself am still addicted to the cord.

It also has some other features that would come in handy for portable PC action. There is a GPS for guiding weary travelers on their way, and there is some wireless Internet action as well. Also, you don’t have to worry about writing in the dark with its EL light source. Another feature is a quick recording feature, just in case you want to walk and talk at the same time.

All in all, the Backpacker’s Diary Concept PC looks like quite a tool for those who want to take their indoor work outdoors. Just looking at it makes me want to hit the woods and still be in contact with the Internet.


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