Laptop Controlled Drifter

by Matthew

Laptop Controlled Drifter
This RC car is a laptop controlled drifter project created by Chris over at PyroElectro. The aim of the project was to make an ordinary RC car have the ability to be controlled by a laptop. By using the laptop and a small box attached to a COM port, full control of the car is made possible and of course, automated control is also available too. By using Windows scripting, commands can be sent to the remote control device at the end of the COM port which in turn, sends those signals to the RC car. The car it’s self is untouched and standard.

The script is fairly straight forwards and is just a set of commands that you send to the PIC (micro controller) with some free software available for download over at PyroElectro. If you want the car to go forwards you enter a “W” in to the script along with the amount of time you want the car to move forwards and likewise, you enter an S to take the car
backwards for X amount of time. Of course, it sounds easier then it probably is but if you understand the basics of code the samples should be enough to get you going.

Full instructions are also available if you want to build one of these your self although I would imagine that to get the car drifting autonomously would take some skill in it’s self.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Source/Instructions – Pyroelectro

Guest Post by Matthew of Gadget Venue

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