Xyber Technologies offer silent PCs


xyber.jpgXyber Technologies is one company that aims to cater for hardcore gamers as well as those who invest in high-end PCs due to media work by releasing a silent cooling solution for computers. To date, conventional wisdom places the fan as the cooling mechanism of choice, but as we all know too well, fan-based systems tend to get corrupted as time goes by no thanks to their eternal enemy – dust. As for liquid cooling systems, there is always the danger of evaporation and the nightmare of many a PC enthusiasts – seeping might occur without you noticing it. Xyber Technologies will bypass both routes, offering an alternative that they claim is much quieter, more efficient, and more stable.

Their new MK Series of computers feature aluminum tubing filled with inert gas that evaporates whenever heated, sending the gas to the cooler end of the tube which will then condense and return to repeat the cycle. This cooling system design proudly declares 19% greater cooling efficiency and 80% less energy consumption when compared to different computers of the same caliber which require 1000 Watts, while the MK Series takes a huge chunk off your monthly electricity bill by operating on a custom 110 Watt supply. Since there are less moving parts used, the chances of it breaking down is lowered even more. There is also less need for maintenance, and it can be stored in normally taboo places such as cabinets and drawers, thanks to its minimal ventilation requirements. Best advantage of having such a stable, efficient cooling system? Processors will be able to reach their highest potential possible as intended by the manufacturer.

The completely silent operation is set to be a big hit, especially folks who are into gaming or use their high end rig as a HTPC. There are four systems available from Xyber Technologies – the MKI desktop PC for the home or office, the MKII desktop for communal business environments, the MKIII desktop for high end gaming, and the MKIII Home Theater System, with 5.1 surround sound.

Source: Gizmag

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