Buzzing Mosquito – Light Sensitive Sound Box


usb-buzzer.jpgDon’t you just hate the sound of a mosquito hanging around your ear, especially when you’re trying to catch some shuteye? The Buzzing Mosquito – Light Sensitive Sound Box brings the novelty of such a sound without the diseases that come with certain mosquitoes…

Darkness activated sound box …. Where is that buzzing coming from? An infuriator box – Turn out the lights and listen to the mosquito buzz, when you turn on the lights he disappears! Comedy novelty value product…annoy your friends and work colleagues with this Darkness activated sound box, put it into drawers, pockets, boxes or simply turn off the lights to activate the Mosquito buzzing sound, turn the lights on and the sound stops…an extremely annoying yet incredibly funny gadget!

Perfect for annoying the hell out of your colleagues. This nifty little bugger is going for £4.99.

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