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I must say that wireless technology is very welcome – when was the last time you took a peek at the mess of cables right behind your desk? Wasn’t a pretty sight, was it, and chances are you’d find wayward stationary, nail clippings and even a booger or two that was flicked in that direction by an ingrate of a colleague. With our lives being so busy all the time at the office, it makes perfect sense for something like the SpaceStation to exist. Check out the product description right after the jump.

An extended desk organizer for laptop users with internal coiling pins conceals all the cords that usually sprawl over the desk. Hovering just 5mm above the desk, cords are free to enter or exit the hub at any point – on the side to connect a scanner, the front for an iPod, the back for a laptop or camera. An internal 4-port USB hub will keep all peripherals connected. One USB plug exits the station right where needed to connect a laptop. Just tip the front of the SpaceStation up to access the hub and cords.

The rubber pad is the place to rest a laptop, raising the back to create an ergonomic keyboard angle and allowing airflow underneath. It is also a surface for placing a phone, and daily accessories for easy access. A rear accessory railacts as a great business card slot and sports a handy page holder to keep all the paper you want standing upright next to your laptop for easy reference. The extended design will bring the cords to their accessories on the left or right side of the laptop. The computer may be placed centered or offset leaving space for a full letter sized page and other accessories.

The SpaceStation retails for $79.95 each. Al, I think it’s high time all of us CG writers got one of these… 😉

Source: Crave

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