Meccano Spykee Micro


spykee-micro.jpgRemember the Meccano Spykee that was seen at CES last year? Well, it still hasn’t been perfected just yet, but a micro version is already ready to rock and roll.

The RC unit controls his forward and spin motion, as well as firing off his three sound effect features, and lighting up his head and base (which looks well cool at night of course). He’s basically your very own pet mini robot and driving him about is curiously addictive. The great thing about his tracks is that his movement is highly effective on any surface, whether it’s a slippery desktop, or a deep pile carpet, he’s really not fussed. His arms and head are articulated, so you can position them into a multitude of anthropomorphic gestures, and his beeping, sirens and various wooshing sound effects are, we imagine, the equivalent of futuristic cyber chatter. Maybe one day all pets will look like this.

Funny how big brother Spykee has not been launched yet while its Mini Me is already rolling about to stores for £19.99.

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Martin Kandler Says: September 2, 2011 at 7:47 pm

The blurb on this item is misleading , the tracks do not function , they are just for show .It just has two pushing wheels and a small front wheel , kind of like a shopping cart wheel on the front of the base .

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