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u-dance.jpgWow – it looks as though video gaming is taking off in an entirely new direction, where being immersed or part of the game is no longer confined to having fancy graphics and an easy control scheme. Tiger Electronics aims to follow up on what the Nintendo Wii has done with the latter’s highly immersive playing experience thanks to its motion control system, by introducing the unique U-DANCE gaming system that places the player as the controller. You don’t have to be shacked by any dance mats unlike the Dance Dance Revolution titles of yore, and there are no wires to worry about. The motion sensing technology used enables players to have a full range of movement, where the body movement is used to control game play. You don’t have to worry about grooving to obscure songs though, as the U-DANCE boasts popular dance hits including Run It by Grammy-nominated pop artist Chris Brown.

According to Brian Goldner, chief operating officer, Hasbro, Inc., “U-DANCE is the perfect example of how Tiger has earned its amazing track record for identifying trends and marrying them with popular entertainment and new innovations. We’re thrilled to add this technology to our Hasbro portfolio and have great hopes for its integration into future product lines.” Chris Brown even chipped in his $0.02, “U-DANCE is the best dance game out there. If you like to dance like I do, you are going to love this game.” I don’t suppose the older generation will take to this new dancing game too warmly, since they’re better off with the tango and waltz.

You will be able to perform actual dance such as jumping, sliding, cross-overs and more. Hook up the console to the TV, attach wireless Motion Tags to your feet and dance away. You can play it as a standalone adventure or share the sweatin’ moments with your friend. U-DANCE will be available this fall for $74.99 a pop.

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