Everex Cloudbook gets delayed again


Everex CloudBook

Guess what didn’t come out Friday? While I’m sure there were plenty of products that didn’t make their debut last Friday, there was one in particular that was slated for arrival, yet never quite made it to the stores. Of course I’m talking about Everex’s Eee PC competitor, the Cloudbook.

Those waiting at Walmart to see the tiny notebook to hit the shelves were sorely disappointed, as it never arrived. What was the official scoop from Everex? They were mum, as their site still listed the ship date as February 15th. It does appear that they have finally updated it, as the site says it should be available on Thursday.

I was really excited when I first heard about the Cloudbook, as it seemed like it would be a better option than the Eee PC from Asus. However, this is the second delay that we’ve seen, and this time around Everex hasn’t even stepped up and told us why. We’ll see what happens when it does finally launch, but it seems to become less appealing every time it gets delayed.

Source: I4U

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