Tap your own phone line with Teleport 2.0


Teleport 2.0

I’ve never really thought that anyone was “out to get me.” Sure, back in the day I thought I was going to get into some hot water over all of those Napster downloads I did (I was on dial-up at the time, so couldn’t have downloaded that many), but never to the point where I thought that someone was tracing my calls, or that I should be recording calls I received. However, were I needing something to do just that, I’d probably consider the Teleport 2.0.

This neat little gadget hooks into your phone line and stores all of the information about your incoming and outgoing calls such as caller ID and numbers dialed. Of course every time you pick up the phone, it starts recording and sends the data to your computer via USB.

The Teleport 2.0 comes from none other than Art Lebedev. If you’re not familiar with the name, this fancy Optimus Maximus keyboard might ring a bell. Once I heard who made it, I immediately wondered how outrageous the price was, and when (if ever) it was going to be released. Both questions were answered easily enough, it’s $71.12 and available now.

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