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capsule-usb-key.jpgCarrying your USB flash drive around can be quite the hassle especially if you don’t want to clutter your pocket with too many things. Enter the Capsule USB Key.

This two-inch long thumbdrive is encased in brushed aluminum with an attached chain and hook. Keep it on your keychain, hang it around your neck, or dangle it from your nose, if that’s your thing. By the way, if you do hang it from a body part, make sure you email us a picture!

2GB of portable storage for $27.99? Your call, dude, although I would think a necklace style USB flash drive would suit a lady more than a dude.

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Picasso Says: February 14, 2008 at 1:26 pm

2GB? That’s it… I thought it was going to say 10GB plus, it’s a key chain capsule but 2GB only. umm okay yeah whatever.

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