LifeVibes MusicPlayer for Samsung SGH-F250


nxp.jpgNXP Software has just announced that it will be throwing in its LifeVibes MusicPlayer to accompany Samsung’s new SGH-F250 cell phone. The LifeVibes MusicPlayer concept is known to be a unique, cost effective software mobile music solution which brings high end MP3 functionality on baseband platforms to the pockets and hands of end users, all without the help of a media co-processor.

This truly complete and pre-integrated middleware solution supports local playback, downloading and streaming, and offers dedicated features for easy navigation. It is also compatible with both Windows Media and 3GPP playback, instantly making the MusicPlayer a hit due to lower development risks as well as costs and increasing the speed of time-to-market. In addition, MusicPlayer also works just fine with both Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WM DRM) and open-standards OMA DRM (versions 1 and 2). This compatibility offers access to a vast choice of songs and playlists, along with their associated metadata. Since it is also compliant with Microsoft’s PlaysForSure and Napster OTG, you will be able to sleep easy knowing that virtually all compatible content will play on the SGH-F250.

Some of the comprehensive navigation controls found in the LifeVibes MusicPlayer include start, stop, pause, jump and next song. With the inclusion of metadata support, one can also be assured that all songs will appear in the navigation without giving two hoots on where their source is nor where they are stored. Heck, a bunch of post-processing features is touted to offer sparkling listening sessions, with a natural 3D effect for headphones and stereo-widening for true stereo reproduction to boot despite being in an environment that contains closely-placed speakers. The Samsung SGH-F250 music phone is more than able to take full advantage of these mentioned features, thanks to its dedicated music playback navigation keys located on the front and the ability to store a maximum of 1,500 tracks in various formats.

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