Latest Tech News – 8 February

by Tiago

Scan checks at home, and get money on the bank

In these days of high-technology, the main advantage is making life easier for users, and in order to make that possible, there will be a new and easy way of depositing money on a bank account. Instead of the “physical” check to get the money, you’ll only need “virtual” one – scan it from your home and send it via internet.

As you can imagine with these types of deals, the fraud can be one of the problems. To keep everything more secure, the bank that receives the scanned check, can: accept it and deposit the money; or if by some odd reason they don’t think the check is genuine, call for help of humans (instead of machines).

As for the prices, so far there is no exact information, but there are 2 possibilities: banks that let people use this service for free, or others that charge a free.

On Monday – Internet in Egypt is normal again

In one of the latest tech news edition, about 10 days go, I talked about an incident that resulted in some countries not having access to the Internet, or other kinds of communication.

In case you don’t remember, Egypt was one of those countries, with only 30% of the population having access to the intenet. Well, the good news, is that according to Mohamed Nawawy – part of the crew that is fixing the undersea cables – the internet is suppose to be back to normal, or in other words, working by 100%. Lets hope it does…

Sources: Reuters and NYTimes

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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AriyaSnow Says: February 9, 2008 at 10:47 am

Scan Checks at Home:
I work for a bank, and yes this is a great new technology that is (for now and for our bank) being offered to trusted and in good standing businesses only, who usually have large check deposits. We are concerned with fraud, but to cut back on liability, our bank will not be offering this product to just anyone. Kinks still need to be worked out and besides; the cost of the machine alone is about $600 bucks for the single feed-yourself machine, and about $1000 bucks for the multiple check feeder. No one is going to want to spend money on something that they could come in and do themselves. This product, as I see it, is there to help businesses who take in ton of checks. It’s quite redundant when it comes to personal use. Thus, this new product is not going to anytime soon replace physical front-line banking staff. Also, at my bank, there will be no fees; just a one-time payment for the machine and that is it. In this world of competitive banking, customer service is the key.

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