Nextar I4-BC Navigation System

by Mark R

Nextar I4-BC Navigation System

I believe that a large majority of the population of the world have not driven with a GPS device or navigation system. I would have to say that is a crying shame, because I look forward to a world where everyone has a GPS, and no one ever gets lost, again!

Okay, I am dreamer. However, I would have to say that the GPS market is soaring right now, and one good example is the Nextar I4-BC Navigation System.

The Nextar I4-BC has a 4.3 touchscreen, and works directly from the box. All a user has to do is turn it on, and it figures out exactly where he or she is in minutes. The menu is simple to use, and easier still to enter an address and get going. The text-to-speech vocally guides the driver along the way, and recalibrates quite quickly if a wrong turn is made.

The best feature of the I4-BC is the included back-up camera. This tiny camera syncs wirelessly with the GPS device, and is powered by the brake light. This means that every time a driver shifts the car into reverse, he or she sees exactly what the camera sees on the GPS screen.

The Nextar I4-BC is available wherever GPS devices are sold. I have not seen a consistency in price, and have seen them for as low as $300 or as high as $600.

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