Tau Ceramica Diet Floor

by Mark R

Diet Floor

I’m not certain who would want a floor that would talk to them, but a Spanish ceramics company known as Tau Ceramica has created one.

Inventor Pep Torres has created the Diet Floor, specific ceramic tiles that are weight sensitive and have a CPU for different parameters. These two features work together with the speakers in order to tell loiterers what’s up.

For example, if you put them by the refrigerator, it will detect someone standing in front of it and will say a few choice phrases like “Keep your diet in mind before you snack”, or something. I have no idea if those voice files come with the Diet Floor, or are programmed by the user, and I’m not certain which would have more of an effect on the hearer.

The Diet Floor can also be programmed for a different type of environment, such as the office. For example, it can detect whether employees are spending far too much time in front of the watercooler. It will then respond with something like: “Hey, the company is not paying you to stand around”.

No word on a pricing or availability date, but I will have to say that this could easily be the wave of the future. For example, you could be in a restaurant, and the specialized tiles would say “Please wait to be seated” the moment you walk in the door. Then it can tell you the special of the day, or something.

Yes, the Diet Floor may soon be everywhere, tell us where to go and what to do. Oh man, this is beginning to sound like a really bad sci-fi story.


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