Mustek DV300T Portable Video Camera

by Mark R

Mustek DV300T

We have reported on portable camcorders from Mustek one year ago, but the DV300T is one of the most unique designs of any recorder out on the market today.

This camera definitely has the YouTube generation in mind as it has a VGA CMOS sensor for filming sub-NTSC or PAL type video.

As for still shots, it can do about 3.1 Megapixels which is “Interpolated Resolution by Security Standard VGA Sensor”. I’m not certain exactly what that means, but it sounds like it means that there is some sort of digital image stabilization happening here.

That sounds hard to believe, considering the device only has 64 MB worth of memory. However, that is expandable with SD cards.

I’m not certain why Mustek calls this product a 6-in-1 Multi-Functional Video Camera, but there are some other non-camera features included in the DV300T like voice recording, MP3 capability, and eBook reading.

The screen on the DV300T is a two inch diagonal that does not flip out in any way, like other brand of digital cameras. In fact, several reviews of this product compare it to a candybar phone, and that solid block look creates a clear resemblance.

Unfortunately, we do not have the price or availability date. I’m wondering if the “solid block” look will catch on with newer portable cameras. We shall see.


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